The Demand of Mobile Applications post Covid-19

The Coronavirus has caused a crippling effect on all types of businesses. Many present businesses have been and many are likely to be shut in future in the wake of Covid-19; however, many new opportunities have emerged like a disguise in blessing in this situation, for example, the surge in demand of mobile -applications.

Communication is vital for exchange of ideas & expression. There are many Mobile applications which provide seamless contact along with faster decision making, prompt action, and hence quicker results. Amid the pandemic, there are mobile applications that have made lives easier during the lockdowns. Therefore, the demand for such applications has grown during this crisis period and will continue to grow in future also.

The following sectors have seen a great surge:
1. Online Grocery Apps: This category of applications has seen a tremendous rise in their demand, as due to lockdown, people were unable to step outside to buy the essential commodities. The demand for these apps has surged by over 300% in the last two months.\

2. Distance Learning and Online Education Apps: As the schools and colleges have been shutdown and are presently functioning in an online mode, the demand for such apps has increased. On these apps, teachers can teach, give assignments, and communicate with their students through a live video chat.

3. On-Demand Medical Supply App: Due to the sensitive nature of the medical care and the necessary demand to buy essential medicines, there has been huge demand of such apps. Through these apps it is easy to place an order and receive the medicines at their doorstep without any difficulty. 

4. Gaming Apps: Gaming apps have registered a phenomenal rise in the period of lockdown as the favourite leisure of the people. As per the available figures, gaming
apps have experienced a 400% growth in its active user-base. To keep oneself busy with entertainment, people across the globe are leaning towards playing a multiplayer
Therefore, from the ongoing trends, it is evident that Mobile app industry is presently growing especially during this flu season, when many other businesses are trying hard to survive in the
shrinking market.



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